"I had been to other chiros who simply crack my back and send me on my way. Sue takes the time to evaluate me each time and not only adjust me, but does muscle work, too. She is never late and I always leave feeling relieved of any discomfort! I wish I had been referred to her sooner, I look forward to seeing her every time!"

"​Dr. Sue goes above and beyond. Treats my whole family like her own and I wouldn't go to see anyone else"

​"Dr. Sue is always improving herself and will not rest until her clients are pain free. She uses a variety of methods to accomplish this: chiro, acupuncture, cupping and now cranio-sacral therapy. She is simply amazing and her clinic is calming, clean and beautiful!"

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Dr. Sue uses a combination of techniques to treat joint pain, neck & back pain, headaches & migraines, arthritis, and more!